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Our goal is to help anyone in any kind of credit situation get into a home they own. The only requirement we have on you is your ability to pay. That means you must have a job and be able to afford the home you want to buy. When you rent you are paying your landlord's mortgage for him or her. Why continue that trap? We guide you through our unique process that will turn that rent payment into a payment that buys a home you choose.

You will be able to see real homes near you that you can actually buy or use a rent to own contract. You will be moving into your new place sooner than you think! The first step is enter your info above. Second step (next page) is tell us what are your preferences and a little bit about your current financial situation (60 seconds). Following this step you will be given access to our massive database of homes. Get more info on our program here and check out the program diagram here.

We know you have questions that's why we offer a real estate specialists team to answer any of your questions! Real specialists in the rent to own and lease purchase process located at our national headquarters in Atlanta, GA to help you. Call now 1-805-418-HOME or start online.

We are a full service company with one goal in mind - "Get you into a home that you own" The banks are simply not loaning out money to those with any kind of shortfall. We understand that it's so simple to just rent, but that's exactly what you don't want to do. If you're renting you're paying your landlord's mortgage for him. Where do you get your real estate agents? Simple, we have our own real estate brokerage and a nationwide association of realtors with years of experience.

We can get you into a home with relative ease as our unique process simplifies it for both homeowner and homebuyer (that's you!). Submit your info above to get started. Want to know more about rent to own homes and how they work? Please give us a call at 1-805-418-HOME!.

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Job Loss Program

Worried about the burden of a mortgage payment? We have a job loss program that will pay your house note for 6 months in the event you lose your job. We will even help you find a new job. Everyone qualifies!

First Time Home Buyer Program

This program (not the govt program) will qualify almost every single applicant and can send you over almost any down payment hurdle. We'll get you the specifics you need to get nearly $8,000 towards your new home.

Down Payment Assistance

Some will qualify for down payment assistance when the selected home is in permium investor targeted areas. Call for more information.

We Are Revolutionizing The Home Search Process...Finally The Frustration is Over!

Hey April, we just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for all your help. Can you believe I'm not calling you every day now! ;) I honestly had no idea that you could rent to own a home before stumbling across your site on the net. 49 days later I'm sitting in my new living room with my boys Calvin and Trotter. Thanks a billion and I'll call soon to catch up with all of you :)

- Katlin, Calvin, and Stinky
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